What is WHT IF ?

What is WHT IF ?

WHT IF is anything you wish it to be. A resting space,allowing you to leave your comfort zone, through meeting with cultures you’ve never met before. A place which creates social bonding, with the belief on human ability to arouse inspiration between one another in mutual creativity.

Our aim is to reach self realization and empowerment. We believe that the best way to leave our comfort zone is by meeting up with those who differ from us, but believe in the same goal.

Imagine a remote and desolate space, where behavioral rules change. Imagine a space where there are normative rules for creativity, in art or any other content you wish to bring with you.

We are coming to do good, to make a difference, to do good and to improve on what is less positive

It is simple to implement WHI IF at home, at work and mainly in spaces like ours.