Welcome to the land of dreamers. a platform for all dreams to come true.
Yes, we know it sounds impossible but that’s what makes it fun.

Imagine a place where you can share your dream, in minutes, thousands of people all around the world can see it and join in and help you make it come true. The DreamLand is the WHT IF playground, it’s the beginning of everyone’s journey for mutual collaboration of diverse cultures from all around the globe. 

What is Your culture? Who are you? … Where do you come from? What are your dreams? What have you learned from your elders?
On what soil (earth) have you walked? 

This DreamLand is a platform that is designed simply to let the world know about you, your dreams, your culture and your uniqueness. 

We believe that the strength and growth of humankind emerge from compassion, care, and awareness for all life perspectives and experiences: Nature, feelings, cultures, and wisdom, all rooted in our cultures.
We are facing an enlightening opportunity for all of us dreamers, to shape a better tomorrow.
We invite you to share, teach and tell us all about your dreams….

We call for freedom
We call for diversity
We call for uniqueness
We call you to enter into this great playground fully,
to build with us an astonishing journey that weaves between cultures, time, and dreams. 
To Create a New reality.



We are here to fulfill ourselves, we are here to dream, to dare, to travel far, to face challenges but above all, we are here to fulfill dreams.
The Dream System is an open technological system, which was developed in Sweden, as an open-source, whose aim is to provide accessibility to wishes, aspirations, and dreams of humans and for humans.
In our perception of WHT IF, our dreams are generally born from other people’s dreams. As if we heard, saw, experienced, or took part in it. We would probably aspire to fulfill our dream of playing the piano or climbing a mountain after having ‘“met” someone else’s dream that inspired us, and opened up a window into a world of possibilities; someone who caused us to believe for a moment, that it’s possible.
Our Dream System went through adjustments for the vision and goals we set for ourselves, to promote to the world, who supports our activity and the inspirational space we create together.
Our dreams are our active expression at our events. It’s our participation and personal expression.
Imagine a single place, that centers all our dreams together, like an imaginary museum, that will later become a museum of fulfillment.
Imagine yourself stepping through this museum, learning and recognizing all the dreams of our community and when you feel you have met the dream you wish to promote, all you need to do, is to support the idea, give it love and we will provide the resources.
Confusing? Here it is Step by Step:
Step one: the right to dream
There are hundreds of cultures around the world, but most of them are unknown to us. Each culture has its own laws and rules of behavior.
There are cultures that are more liberal and those that are less liberal. In our journey in researching these cultures, we met many varied guides and the common denominator between all of them was the most basic insight, that the only thing you cannot take from humans, is their imagination. The imagination is the dream, our ability to shut our eyes or open them, as widely as possible and dream.
The first step is so important in a world that decreases our ability to dream, day by day, therefore we encourage everyone who chooses to be part of the WHT IF, to dream as much as possible and encourage dreaming in all others and venture into a journey of fulfillment.

Step two: sharing the dream
The Dream System is open and accessible to everyone. Once you have registered in the system you can browse through our virtual dream museum and also write your own personal dream, which will be seen by all the other participants. The system will ask you to choose which dream you are most connected to and which dream you wish to help to fulfill itself. Behind the dream system, there’s a team of volunteers, who integrate all the love which you provide for the dreams and thus understand and guide the opinion of the majority and will refer resources to that dream, so that all of us can assist in its fulfillment. Describing the dream is simple and the system will guide you step by step, in writing the dream.

Step three: Setting up a fulfillment team
You have published your dream and you have written and posted it in the system.
Excellent! Participants who log onto the system, just as you do, can learn about it. This is the place to describe what you need to fulfill your dream. But yes! There is a twist in the tale. Do you remember our vision? We believe in meetings between cultures that don’t usually meet. Therefore the system will guide you easily, in describing your needs and these will be accessible to all who log on to read about your dream.

Step four: Managing the dream
From the moment you have posted your dream into the Dream System, thousands of community members, from all over the world can view it and offer their help and services. You may choose with whom you wish to collaborate and even contact them through the system.