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Orders are processed only after a billing address, and other billing information has been verified. Occasionally, we receive incorrect billing or credit card account information for a ticket order that can delay processing and delivery. In these cases, Customer Service will attempt to contact you, using the information provided at the time of purchase. If Customer Service is unable to reach you after its initial attempt, Customer Service may cancel your order and may sell your tickets to another customer without further notice.


If the amount you pay for a ticket is incorrect regardless of whether because of an error in a price posted on this website or otherwise communicated to you, or you are able to order a ticket before its scheduled on-sale or presale date or you are able to order a ticket that was not supposed to have been released for sale, then: The Promoter will have the right to cancel that ticket (or the order for that ticket) and refund to you the amount that you paid. This will apply regardless of whether because of human error or a transactional malfunction of this website.



Unlawful resale of tickets (or attempted resale) is grounds for seizure and cancellation without compensation. A ticket shall not be used for advertising, promotions, contests or sweepstakes, unless formal written authorization is given by the Event Promoter, provided that even if such consent is obtained, any use of Event Promoter’s trademarks and other intellectual property is subject to the Event Promoter’s consent.


Performers, Artists, Acts, Players are subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice. No refund will be owed if any performer, artist, act, player or any other scheduled performance, person or group is changed or canceled and the event still occurs.


All purchases are non-refundable and not able to be exchanged. Notwithstanding, some promoters have different rules regarding the ability to refund and/or exchange your purchased tickets. Please refer to each event site for specific exclusions.


Unless otherwise determined by the specific event promoter, all events are considered RAIN or SHINE. No refunds will be given due to inclement weather.


Occasionally, events are canceled or postponed by the promoter, team, band or venue. Should this occur, we will attempt to contact you to inform you of refund or exchange procedures for that event. For exact instructions on any canceled or postponed event, please check the event information online or contact us. If a refund is issued, then the Promoter will most likely give you a refund by issuing a credit to the credit card that you used to purchase that ticket, and the holder of the ticket will not be able to physically present it for a refund.

Customer Service typically only offers refunds and/or exchanges based on the promoter’s, team’s or venue’s instructions. Customer Service is not obligated to issue a refund except to the extent that the promoter, team or venue responsible for bringing you the event (1) instructs us to issue a refund, and (2) provides us with the ticket funds necessary to issue refunds. In order to receive a refund or an exchange that may be offered, you will have to comply with the promoter’s, team’s or venue’s instructions or deadlines, which, along with the decision about whether or not to issue a refund or an exchange, may be at the promoter’s, team’s or venue’s discretion.


You expressly understand and agree that in no event shall this site, including its affiliates and licensors, be liable for any damages whatsoever, including any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages, and any damages for loss of profits, savings, goodwill or other intangible losses, regardless of whether this site had been advised of or could have foreseen the possibility of such damages, arising out of or in connection with: (a) the use, inability to use or performance of any of the services of this site, or (b) any unauthorized access to or modification to any of your content or transmissions, or (c) any other matter relating to this site or any of the services.

WHTIF  Photo Policy By attending WHTIF (the “Festival”), you consent to being filmed and or photographed, whereas your image, voice, and likeness may be used by the Festival producers for promotional purposes. Any photography taken at the Festival, whether in digital or analog format, is subject to mandatory, non-exclusive license to the Festival producers for use in Festival promotional purposes. Any artwork or performances sponsored by the Festival or taking place on Festival grounds is also subject to a mandatory, non-exclusive license to Festival producers for use in Festival promotional purposes. No videotaping is allowed. 




Risk Statement

There are risks involved in any Event. By going to the Event, you assume all risks incidental to the Event and release Event Management, Nightout Ticketing,  WHTIF and their respective affiliates from all claims related to or arising out of the Event or your presence at the Event.


The ticket you hold is subject to all applicable policies of the Management of the Event. This ticket is a revocable license to enter the Event at the date and time listed on the front. What that means is that Management reserves the right, without paying a refund, to refuse entry or eject you if you are not complying with all Management policies applicable to the Event.


The Event date and time is subject to change. Performing artists and times are subject to change. Resale and/or transfer of the ticket may be prohibited by Management’s policies, and if so, any such resale and/or transfer is void to the maximum extent allowed by applicable laws. Any such unauthorized resale and/or transfer may result in refusal of entry without refund. Tickets not obtained directly from Management may be lost, stolen, counterfeit or invalid, in which case they will not be honored. This is further outlined in the following disclaimer.


By attending Mammoth Festival of Beers & Bluesapalooza, you assume all risks, hazards, and dangers arising from or relating in any way to the risk of contracting a communicable disease or illness — including, without limitation, exposure to Covid-19 or any other bacteria, virus, or other pathogen capable of causing a communicable disease or illness, whether that exposure occurs before, during, or after the event, and regardless of how caused or contracted — and you hereby waive any and all claims and potential claims against Bluesapa LLC, Mammoth Beers dba Mammoth Brewing Company, HarvestMoon Presents Inc, The Woods at Mammoth Lakes LLC, Oetiker Partners, and California Craft Brewers Association (as defined in our Purchase Policy) — and against any companies affiliated with Bluesapa LLC, Mammoth Beers dba Mammoth Brewing Company, HarvestMoon Presents Inc, The Woods at Mammoth Lakes LLC, Oetiker Partners, and California Craft Brewers Association — relating to such risks, hazards, and dangers.




Any purchase or possession of tickets (including wristbands, the “Ticket(s)”) for the Mammoth Festival of Beers & Bluesapalooza (the “Festival”) constitutes the irrevocable acceptance of, and the agreement to be bound by, all of the terms and conditions contained herein, by you as either the purchaser, custodian or bearer of the Ticket(s) (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “Your”). You further acknowledge and agree that Mammoth Brewing Company, Festival Organizer (MBC) and it’s authorized contractors may, from time to time, modify, add, remove, supplement, amend, update or otherwise revise any or all of the terms and conditions contained herein from time to time, without advanced, direct or individual notification to you (collectively “Revise or Revision(s)”) and which Revisions shall, at the sole and absolute option of MBC, relate back to the date of purchase. MBC shall have the right to periodically Revise all or some of the terms or conditions specified herein by posting such Revisions on the festival’s website located at (the “Site”). If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, do not purchase Tickets.




Your Ticket shall at all times be deemed a revocable license issued by MBC, as the licensor hereunder or its respective designee(s) (“MBC” and sometimes also referred to as, “we,” “our” or “us”) for the sole purpose of accessing the venue which the Festival is scheduled to occur (the “Venue”) and for attending the Festival (the “License”). The License may, at the sole and absolute option of MBC, be revoked at any time by MBC with or without additional notification to You, which includes denying You access to the Venue upon or due to any violation, or suspected violation of any or all of these terms and conditions or for any violation or suspected violation of any applicable laws, policies, rules or regulations, as determined by MBC or it’s contractors.




MBC, its processors and agents assume no legal, financial or other liability whatsoever for any lost, stolen, destroyed or mislaid Tickets. Following the delivery of Your Tickets, You assume 100% risk of loss relating to the Tickets, including any risks of loss associated with lost, stolen, mislaid, or destroyed Tickets.




Tickets purchased by You are intended for personal use only. If You obtain Your Ticket(s) from any unauthorized source(s), You fully assume all risks associated with such Ticket(s), including that such Ticket(s) may have been reported lost or stolen or that such Ticket(s) may be counterfeit and in all cases, such Ticket(s) shall be voidable and dishonored by MBC with or without advanced notification to You. You agree that the resale, or the attempted resale by You of any Ticket at a price greater than the face value is strictly prohibited and constitutes a violation of these terms and conditions. In such cases, including any profiting by reselling, trading, or brokering Tickets purchased through the Site, MBC shall have the right to cancel all or part of the applicable ticket order or may, at MBC sole option, elect to put all or part of Your order and all or part of other pending orders in Your name at Will Call. If MBC cancels Your tickets, a refund for the face value of the tickets, minus a $25 per ticket processing fee, will be issued to the purchaser of record and no other service, processing, or shipping fees shall be refunded. MBC reserves the right to cancel Your order(s) without notification for violating or the suspected violation of the terms and conditions of this provision. MBC also reserves the right to investigate all orders suspected to be in violation of this provision and shall be the final arbiter regarding violations or potential violations hereunder.



Your Ticket is not redeemable for cash.




MBC, shall at any time prior to the Festival, have the right to change the Venue, Artist Lineup, Festival Times, Festival Dates or any or all other components of the Festival, at any time, with or without advance notification to You and without any compensation to You. If you do not agree with ANY OF the terms and conditions set forth in this Paragraph OR AGREEMENT, do not purchase Tickets.




Upon the occurrence of an Festival cancellation by MBC, MBC shall have the option to either: (a) elect to issue a refund to the Ticket purchaser of record in an amount equivalent to the face value of Tickets only (or a pro-rata portion thereof, in the Festival of a partial cancellation) or (b) reschedule the Festival for a future date within the 12-month period immediately following the Festival cancellation by the MBC. In cases of the rescheduling the cancelled Festival for a future date, You shall not be entitled to refund. Purchasing Tickets pursuant to these terms and conditions subjects You to a high degree of risk relative to possible Festival cancellations. If you do not agree with ANY OF the terms and conditions AS set forth in this Paragraph OR AGREEMENT, or if you do not agree with, or agree to assume the allocation of risk TO YOU AS SET FORTH HEREUNDER, do not purchase Tickets.




In the Festival of MBC’s election to issue refunds under subparagraph (a) of this Paragraph 7 hereunder the following shall apply: MBC shall issue refunds, on a pro-rata or “per day” basis for multi-day Festivals, as applicable. For purposes of determining any pro-rata refunds due, MBC shall only be required to issue refunds in “whole days” and once Venue gates open, the Festival on that particular date shall be deemed to have been delivered in its entirely and not subject to refund. You shall only be entitled to refunds for those days for which You purchased Tickets and for which Venue access was never granted during the course of an entire day. Delayed gate openings shall not be subject to refunds. Under no circumstances shall You be entitled to a refund of any shipping, handling or other processing fees. Purchasing Tickets pursuant to these terms and conditions subjects You to a high degree of risk relative to possible Festival cancellations. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions set forth in this Paragraph or as otherwise set forth in this agreement, or if you do not agree with, or agree to assume the allocation of risks that is being transferred to You hereunder, do not purchase Tickets.




Upon the occurrence of a Festival Cancellation due to reasons other than by as specified in Paragraph 7 above (“Festival Cancellation By MBC”), including but not limited to, events outside MBC’s control, acts of God, pandemics (i.e. COVID-19) riots, wars, insurrection of military power, civil rebellion, production delays, strikes, hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes, floods, natural disasters or inclement weather (regardless of severity), MBC shall, at its sole and absolute option (a) have the right, but not the obligation, to issue You a refund (including partial refunds on terms specified or contemplated in Paragraph 8 above) or shall at its option, (b) elect to postpone the Festival or (c) cancel the Festival without further legal or financial obligation or liability to you, including the obligation to issue You a refund or to reschedule the Festival. Purchasing Tickets pursuant to these terms and conditions subjects You to a high degree of risk relative to possible Festival cancellations. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions set forth in this Paragraph or as otherwise set for in the agreement, or if you do not agree with, or agree to assume the allocation of risks that is being transferred to You hereunder, do not purchase Tickets. If MBC elects to issue a refund, the Ticket purchaser of record shall be refunded in an amount equivalent to the face value of Ticket(s) only. If MBC elects to reschedule the Festival for a future date, You may not be entitled to a refund. Under no circumstances shall You be entitled to a refund of any shipping, handling or other processing fees.




Unless otherwise specified herein, at all times prior to the Festival, MBC reserves all rights to cancel or postpone the Festival or to change the Venue, the artist lineup, time, the date of the Festival or other Festival-related components without any obligation by MBC to give You additional or prior notice or compensation.




If Festival is cancelled or postponed, whether in whole or in part, or if the Venue is closed, MBC shall post a notification on the Site relating to such cancellation or postponement.




This Festival is a “Rain or Shine” Festival. This Festival is “Standing Room Only.” Unless otherwise specified herein to the contrary, there shall be NO refunds or exchanges relative to Ticket purchases. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions set forth in this Paragraph or as otherwise set forth in this agreement, do not purchase Tickets.




Will Call Tickets are Virtual Tickets. You accept delivery of Your Will Call Ticket immediately upon Your purchase of the Will Call Ticket.




Your Ticket order confirmation shall serve as conclusive and indisputable proof of Delivery of Your Ticket. You agree to notify MBC prior to the start time of the Festival if you have not received Your Ticket.




You assume any and all risks, whether expressly set forth herein, as well as, any other risks and dangers incidental or in any way relating to your presence during the Festival, including any risks that occur prior, during or after the Festival or any risks that are not foreseeable, such as, any and all risks arising from or relating to the acts or omissions of others (including Artists, Festival attendees, the Venue owners or operators and its staff, employees and agents; or MBC,the Festival organizer, its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees, members, partners, agents or designees).


Lost or Stolen Property

Festival organizers and their respective Indemnitees (defined in paragraph 18 below) shall not be held responsible, financially or otherwise, for any personal property that is left, lost, stolen, destroyed, confiscated, damaged or misplaced anywhere in the Venue or during the Festival, regardless of fault. You assume all risks of loss associated with the loss or damage to Your personal property.


Festival Hazards.

You assume all risks of personal injuries relating to Your attendance of the Festival including, but not limited to projectiles, hearing loss, seizures and other health conditions incidental, relating to or arising from extremely loud music and sounds; strobe, hydro, pyrotechnic, animatronic lighting and other special effects, such as flashing lights, rapidly changing or alternating images, the use of fog, haze or smoke with theatrical stage lighting, laser projections and fireworks during the Festival and whether such injuries occur subsequent to the Festival.



All or designated areas of the Venue during the Festival may be subject to extremely loud music and sounds, as well as, strobe, hydro, pyrotechnic, animatronic, lighting and other special effects, including flashing lights, rapidly changing or alternating images, the use of fog, haze or smoke with theatrical stage lighting, laser projections and fireworks. Women who are pregnant and individuals who suffer from certain health conditions, including seizures, light sensitivity or any other health condition that could be aggravated by these special effects should consider this warning before attending the Festival, as such special effects may cause or induce seizures, diminished or hearing loss and other health conditions.



In exchange for additional consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged herein by You and MBC, You agree to defend, covenant not to sue, indemnify, save and hold harmless and forever release, MBC, Venue owners, and all their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, principals, members, employees, authorized agents, predecessors, assigns, successors, licensees and designees (collectively the “Indemnitees”) from any and all injuries (whether personal injuries, property damage or otherwise), demands, suits, and/or claims relating in any way to the Festival, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.



In exchange for additional consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged herein by You and MBC, MBC and its contractors, shall have the right to publish, print, display or otherwise publicly use for purposes of trade or for any commercial or advertising purpose the name, image, portrait, photograph, voice or other likeness of You without Your additional express written or oral consent. MBC shall also have the right, but not the obligation, to use Your name, image, portrait, voice, photograph, or other likeness in connection with the resale or other distribution of literary, musical, or artistic productions or other articles of merchandise or property without Your additional consent in connection with any sale or distribution thereof. You further acknowledge and agree that MBC shall be the sole and exclusive owner of any work containing Your image. In exchange for additional consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged by You and MBC, MBC shall also have the right to record, utilize, publish, print, display, exploit and publicly use Your name, image, likeness and voice in medium, whether not existing or hereinafter created, including via any broadcast, re-broadcast, live stream, recording or other reproduction of Your image at or about the Festival, and whether in or out of context.




MBC and the Venue maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding the illegal or illicit drug use at the Venue or otherwise during the Festival. You knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily consent to be searched by MBC for the presence of illegal or illicit drugs, weapons and/or other prohibited items prior to or during Your presence at the Festival or Venue and agree that the discovery of any prohibited items shall constitute a violation of MBC’s anti-drug policies and shall correspondingly give MBC the right to immediately revoke Your License to access the Venue, to attend the Festival and to deny You any future admission to the Festival or Venue without any legal or financial liability to You. In exchange for additional consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged by You and MBC, You correspondingly agree to defend, covenant not to sue, indemnify, save and hold harmless and forever release, Indemnitees for any losses, whether personal injury or property damage, resulting from or relating to Your illicit drug use, Your use of weapons or anything in violation of these terms and conditions.




The following items and activities are strictly prohibited at the Festival: the use of cameras, video or audio recording equipment; outside food or beverages; unauthorized vendors or performers; handing out fliers or leaflets; pets; oversized bags (permitted bags will be subject to search); skate boards, roller skates, bikes or the like; wagons; fireworks; radios or other music players; placards or signs; illegal conduct of any kind; conduct that unreasonably interferes with the enjoyment of the Festival by others or poses a threat to public safety, as determined in the sole discretion of MBC. MBC reserves the right to terminate Your License to the Venue at anytime if You engage in any prohibited activities.




MBC shall, at all times, have the right to assign or delegate any or all of its rights, title and interests or duties hereunder without notification to, or consent by, You.




You agree that the terms and conditions contained herein, and as amended from time to time by MBC, represent the entire agreement between You and the MBC with respect to its subject matter hereof, and shall supersede and replace all prior contemporaneous understandings, communications, and agreements, written or oral, regarding such subject matter.




Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, You agree that any disputes arising from or relating to Your purchase of Tickets hereunder or any related transaction relating to the use of the Site or its services or any relationship or dispute between You and MBC or You and any company or person employed by or which is affiliated with either MBC, this Agreement and/or any policies or practices of any of the above mentioned companies or persons (a “Dispute”) shall only be resolved subject to FINAL AND BINDING ARBITRATION as set forth in this section, and may only be resolved through an individual arbitration governed by the Federal Arbitration Act or by the applicable sections of California law to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. THE PARTIES TO THIS AGREEMENT GIVE UP THEIR RESPECTIVE RIGHTS TO GO TO COURT in connection with any Dispute and that such rights will be determined by a NEUTRAL ARBITRATOR, NOT A JUDGE OR JURY. NO PARTY TO WHICH THIS AGREEMENT APPLIES SHALL BRING OR PARTICIPATE IN ANY CLASS ACTION OR OTHER CLASS PROCEEDING IN CONNECTION WITH ANY DISPUTE. No party bound by this Agreement agrees to class arbitration or any other arbitration proceedings where a person brings a Dispute as a representative of other persons. The parties shall participate in non-binding mediation before commencing any arbitration (or taking any other action). If the parties are unable to resolve a Dispute by informal means, the arbitration of Disputes will be administered by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) in accordance with Commercial Arbitration Rules, and if deemed appropriate by the arbitrator.




In light of Your agreement to all the terms and conditions contained herein, including that “there shall be NO refunds or exchanges relative to Ticket purchases” as set forth in Paragraph 11, You further agree, in conformity therewith that, in no event shall you commence a chargeback dispute with Your credit or debit card relative to the Tickets or services purchased hereunder or regarding any amounts forfeited hereunder any or similar charge reversal. You further agree that MBC shall not have a legal obligation to mitigate any of its potential or actual losses sustained hereunder.




MBC shall not be responsible for any exchange rate losses incurred during the order or refund process. MBC shall not be obligated to issue refunds to Ticket purchasers who have mistakenly purchased tickets in a currency other than the currency intended.




By making a purchase of Ticket(s), You acknowledge and agree that You are at least 18 years of age. You cannot share or duplicate tickets. Tickets shall not be used for advertising, promotion (including contests and sweepstakes) or other commercial purposes without the express written consent of MBC.



This agreement was last revised on dec 11, 2021

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us by mail at [email protected] Welcome to the WHT IF space. The regulations deal with all personal information which the company receives, when you the browser, logs on to the site, the internet pages and links ascribed to it. “Personal information”  is information about you the browser, as an individual, like; name, address, email, or telephone number, passport number, or ID number, etc. When browsing the site, you are bound to the site regulations and you confirm that you have read the regulations, before logging onto the site and agree to all the above. The right of using information from the site is for the user only and above the age of 18  (“The User”). If you are under 18, you have to have parental or guardian authorization, before sending us any information When visiting our site and/or sending us any information, you confirm that you are above 18 and/or that your parent/guardian authorized this. 

User Privacy and Protection Policy

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What we do with your personal information 

We use the personal information we receive, to activate our site for various  WHT IF event productions and other projects supporting this goal. Your personal information may be stored in our system. We do not rent or sell your personal information to any other party, except on the following conditions: We have your permission and/ or we have to react to a court order or other legal proceedings and/or if we have to exercise our legal right to protect our property, defend against litigation, or obey the law in another way and/or we believe we need to investigate, prevent and take action in respect to suspected unlawful activity, fraud, threats on personal safety and the violation of the terms on the use of our site. It is important to note, that donations, ticket bookings, and purchases, carried out through our site are processed in conjunction with independent service providers and third-party services, with whom we are in contact. And the use of the information you provide in these transactions is controlled according to the privacy policies of these suppliers, as shown on the internet sites of these suppliers, and we ask you to read these site regulations. The company may occasionally contact you through your email, to update you on events and other opportunities, connected to WHT IF activities. If you are not interested in receiving this communication, you can cancel your agreement by performing suitable instructions like: “removal from mailing list”.

Confidentiality and Security

The only persons who have access to your private information, collected by our site, directly or through Google Analytics, need to have this information and are obliged in the nondisclosure agreement and privacy policy. We have physical safeguards, electronic and procedural safeguards, which we collect and which are stored. However, you know and agree, that every time you register content in certain areas on our site, or linked sites, such as; The volunteer forum, answering service, WHT IF platform, and so on, your content will be published on the site, and we are not responsible for its essence or verification of the content, or for the use of any information, you may know about, which you and others choose to disclose publicly. Take note that our site may have links to third-party sites. Agreed and clear that our company is not responsible for the administration of these sites and their mode of actions and terms. Agreed by the user, that by signing into a third party site, they may send you their own cookies, in order to collect data and request personal information. Therefore we cannot ensure the privacy of the user, when visiting these third-party sites and advise every user to read their site regulations and when going from our site to a third-party site, the user declares that he has read the site’s terms and is aware of the details and exempts us from any claims on this matter.

Cancellation Policy

The company is entitled to cancel an event/project/meeting/gathering etc. as it sees fit, on condition that it refunds the money actually paid. The company is entitled to set terms for event participation and to cancel and/or withhold participation from those who don’t meet the terms. If an event /gathering /retreat /meeting is canceled due to Force Majeure or Act of war/ terrorism and/or a Governmental proclamation and/or the Health Ministry with relevance to the site where the event is due to take place, where the assembly is prohibited and/or holding the event. In any case, the money will not be refunded to the participant and the company will offer the participant an alternative date for holding the event.

Cancellation of the transaction by the participant

A participant is entitled to cancel a transaction and receive a refund. through a written notification on the cancellation of the invitation, through all of the communication media, listed in the regulations. A participant may cancel a transaction within 14 days from the actual day of payment, subject to the cancellation terms, applying to the transaction and specific event. In any case, because of the ticket cancellation, the company may charge you a 5% handling fee from the total sum. Refunds due to the cancellation of the transaction will be carried out in accordance with the law and in accordance with the credit card company dates. To avoid doubt, the refund will be carried out according to the actual sum paid and a credit will not be given for products/ services/ events to which money was paid. Switching events, with other events, will be carried out in accordance with the nature of the event, date of the event, and free places, and in any case, will be given full consideration by the company.

Intellectual Property and Copyright 

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Dispute resolution

Without detracting from the company’s right to appeal to any legal court, the user pledges that any claims and /or demands he makes against the company will be obligated according to the regulations, to seek arbitration. Browsing the site by the user constitutes conclusive consent and is considered to be his signature on the arbitration agreement, which will bind the user. The user agrees in advance to the disposal of any claims submitted in accordance with the arbitration provisions. Claims and/or demands and /or complaints by the user will only become apparent, through the arbitration procedure to be held subject to the company’s consent, by an arbitrator appointed by both parties. If the parties disagree on the identity of the arbitrator, one will be chosen by the Head of the Israeli Bar Association.


The company or on its behalf reserves the right to change the provisions of the site usage rules, from time to time, depending on its sole opinion. Any such changes will obligate the participants as soon as it is posted on the site. The user is obligated to review these regulations from time to time and keep up with changes. He will not be able to claim,  not have been updated on changes in regulations. The exclusive jurisdiction in any matter and dispute, regarding the site services, will take place at the Competent Court only, which will discuss the matter in accordance with the law of the state of Israel.